Tokenomics and Lock Contracts

lasted updated 07/13/24

Earn rewards by staking liquidity.
100% of the earnings from RainFi lending and Orca yield, 50% from NFT sales, and 2% from ticket and print sales will be added to the rewards pool.

26.4% fPHX-SOL locked until Mar 3rd, 2029 1:00PM UTC.
16.8% fPHX-USDC locked until Mar 3rd, 2029 1:00PM UTC.
3% fPHX-hSOL locked until Sept 3rd, 2027 1:00PM UTC.
4.1% fPHX-JupSOL locked until June 3rd, 2027 1:00PM UTC.
2.4% fPHX-Bonk locked until April 3rd, 2027 1:00PM UTC.
8.3% fPHX-JUP locked until Mar 3rd, 2027 1:00PM UTC.
1.3% fPHX-LSP locked until Dec 3rd, 2026 1:00PM UTC.
2.3% fPHX-LIGMA locked until Sept 3rd, 2026 1:00PM UTC.
2.2% fPHX-PYTH locked until June 3rd, 2026 1:00PM UTC.
1.5% fPHX-Mail locked until Mar 3rd, 2026 1:00PM UTC.
2.9% fPHX-INF locked until Mar 3rd, 2026 1:00PM UTC.
2.0% fPHX-SOLC locked until Dec 3rd, 2025 1:00PM UTC.
2.4% fPHX-SB locked until Nov 3rd, 2025 1:00PM UTC.
2.2% fPHX-ZEUS locked until Oct 3rd, 2025 1:00PM UTC.
2.0% fPHX-ARB locked until Sept 3rd, 2025 1:00PM UTC.
2.1% fPHX-xSTEP locked until July 3rd, 2025 1:00PM UTC.
2.3% fPHX-DITH locked until June 3rd, 2025 1:00PM UTC.
3.1% fPHX-SHDW locked until Mar 3rd, 2025 1:00PM UTC.
5.1% fPHX-USDT will remain unlocked.

Assets held by fillmorephx.sol and in treasury.