fillmorephx on Solana

fPHX is a payment processing token for It provides discounts for select events we host and can be used at our custom print shop. The token can also be used for purchasing art off of our OTC NFT gallery from the artists we support. fPHX is backed by a diversified selection of assets from the Solana ecosystem which will be rotated quarterly.

For liquidity we use Raydium, Orca, and Meteora, with a majority of the liquidity locked up with Streamflow for different lengths of time. For a breakdown of pools and contracts please see our tokenomics. fillmorephx.sol manages the accounts. We are lending USDC at 9% for 120 days on After building up our lending pool, we will reach out in hopes of listing fPHX so we can issue loans on our token.

For online payments, we use Helio payment processing. We hold four HelioX passes and will be using the payouts from that for token buybacks. We have started the FillmorePHX Fund on Symmetry, this is an actively managed fund composed of mostly LSTs. Again, after building up the fund, we will reach out to Symmetry to list our token so it can be added to the fund.

If you have any questions, we have a fPHX channel in our Discord.