The information on this page will update as we move forward.

lasted updated 02/20/24

fPHX is a currency so liquidity is important. We have two main liquidity pools for SOL and USDC on Raydium. Our goal for now is funding the pools. This will be done by either directly adding more SOL and USDC, or by selling fPHX and taking the proceeds then adding them back to the pools. There is also a lightly funded USDT pool on Orca.

As of now, this account controls 47% of the token supply. The fPHX-USDC pool holds 20%, the fPHX-SOL has 17%, with the USDT pool holding 5%. We have also started a low fee JUP pool on Meteora which has 6%. fillmorephx.sol manages the pools. The plan is to have around 65% of the supply into the pools. 20% will go out to the team and used for marketing, 10% will be held as reserves.

We are now on the Jupiter strict list! Huge thank you to the team for everything that they have built. This wouldn’t be possible without them. Our submission to CoinGecko has been rejected twice.. so maybe after a little bit of marketing we will try again.

For online payments, we are now a Helio verified merchant! We hold two HelioX passes and will be using the payouts from that for token buybacks. Also, since we are a Helio merchant, we will be starting a NFT Gallery and listing the pieces in fPHX.

For updates on our progress join the Discord.